Protecting Nature While Strengthening America’s Economy


At The Conservation Fund, our work is based on the bold belief that protecting America’s most vital natural resources also strengthens our economy. We work across the country to protect places you love while creating local jobs.

In cities and suburbs, we’re building parks and ensuring more greenspace is available for everyone. And in America’s more rural communities—where you’ll find our forests, mountains and rivers—we’re working to enhance natural, recreational, and historical assets to bolster local economies.

Like our work over the last three decades on the Pinhoti Trail that passes through Alabama and Georgia. By protecting land along the trail corridor, we’re helping to bring world-class hiking to the region, which increases nature-based tourism.

Thousands of people hike a portion of the Pinhoti Trail every year. They’re able to enjoy the outdoor experience and are inspired by its beauty. Protecting land in this region has been instrumental in improving its economic health. And by attracting more people here, everyone benefits.

We’re also focused on protecting land that results in job creation and retention, like here in Northwestern Pennsylvania, where the forests are essential to the region’s character and economy. Over the past 15 years, more than 20 million acres of our large working forests have been fragmented and lost to development. And when we lose our forests, we lose more than the trees; we lose local jobs, too.
We’re working hard to change this trajectory. Earlier this year, The Conservation Fund purchased more than 32,000 acres known as Clarion Junction Forest.

We create conservation solutions that make both environmental and economic sense. Thanks to you, we’ve protected over 8 million acres of land since 1985. When you give to us, 96% of every dollar goes directly to our projects, making a real difference for people and for nature.


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