A New Dawn: The Restoration of L’Aurora Part 2


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Every now and then a project comes into the studio that is so desperate for intervention that the scope of the work involved seems insurmountable. Yet those are just the types of projects conservators thrive on; the ones that look disastrous, require a phenomenal amount of work and creativity but if treated right and with care and precision will respond beautifully.

Such is the case with this copy of Guido Reni’s masterpiece “L’Aurora”. Though the artist is unknown it was clearly executed with great skill and for a copy the scale is rather impressive. The same cannot be said about its condition. Having suffered water damage there is a tremendous amount of paint loss and what paint remains is perilously attached to the canvas. Several massive holes, tears, and canvas losses have also threatened the structural integrity of the work. Suffice it to say this will be a magnum opus of conservation.

But that’s what we live for.


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