Drama On The High Seas – Conserving The “Alfred”


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Join me on this voyage as we search for buried treasure. I mean buried issues this 1772 oil painting may have. In this first episode, I breakdown what I see once a painting comes in my door and we begin the disassembly. While we hoped for smooth sailing, alas, it’s drama on the high seas.

The Alfred by Robert Cleveley, 1772

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00:00 – Introduction
04:36 – UV light
08:00 – Backing
09:40 – Test Cleaning
11:35 – Frame Removal
14:02 – Strip Lining Removal
15:45 – Cleaning
22:20 – Scraping
23:48 – Preparing Glue
27:00 – Removing Backing
30:15 – Rabbit Skin Glue
32:50 – Washi Kozo Removal
35:40 – Hot Table


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