Ka leo o nā ʻōiwi, ke hoʻolohe nei anei ʻoe? How to Kaha I’a (cut fish) with Uncle Mac Poepoe


Ka leo o nā ʻōiwi, ke hoʻolohe nei anei ʻoe? (The voices of the indigenous, are you listening?) is a video series where we discover what our native voices (people and place) are telling us.

This video features Uncle Mac sharing his style of how to Kaha I’a (cut fish). He demonstrates this method on wekeʻula (yellowfin goatfish) however, it can be used on a variety of species because you can see the gonads & insides nicely to track spawning. It also is a great way to prepare fish for drying, frying, filet, and even poke.

Tools: fish scaler, cutting board, SHARP knife, access to running water, Optional (ruler, datasheet to take notes)

Now it’s your turn to try, how do you prepare fish?

For more videos and to learn more about the Mōhala Nā Konohiki efforts, visit this website:


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