Watch as a five year old Purple Martin female X271 (Jolene!) and her mate try to successfully raise nestlings at the Purple Martin Conservation Association HQ in Erie, PA, USA. *UPDATES BELOW*

*June 3: Camera goes live in Gourd L
*June 3: First egg laid
*June 3: Female’s band is read, revealing that the she was born at this gourd rack in Gourd I in 2016. In 2018 she successfully fledged 5 young from 6 eggs in Gourd I. In 2019 she fledged 7 young as the female in our livestream that year!
*June 3: Male is also banded but we haven’t gotten a complete read yet, only that it begins with an X (we need the three digits after the X)

Facts about Purple Martins:
–Purple Martins only nest in human provided housing east of the Rocky Mountains, due to habitat loss and pressure from invasive species.
–The male is all dark feathered, while the female has gray on her throat and belly.
–The nest is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
–The nest is in an artificial gourd hanging from an aluminum gourd rack ( http://shop.purplemartin.org )
–If the parents are climbing on top of the young it’s to keep them warm

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This stream made possible thanks to a grant from the Tom Ridge Environmental Center Foundation.



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