Fighting To Survive: Purple Martin Nestcam 2021


Watch as a nest of Purple Martins at the Purple Martin Conservation Association headquarters in Erie, PA progresses from eggs to fledglings.

Our 2021 nestcam family enjoyed a successful breeding season, but not without a lot of pressure from unpaired juvenile males intruding in the nest, pecking the babies, and overall trying to cause a nest failure so they might have a chance to mate with the female. The parents spent a lot of time defending the nest, fighting against intruders and fighting the odds to ensure the survival of their young before they travel to the Amazon to overwinter.

The parents, five year old female Jolene (the same female from our 2019 nestcam ) and her mate Ragnotha hatched and raised five healthy nestlings from six eggs that will soon be on their way to overwinter in Brazil. We hope to see them return in 2022!

East of the Rocky Mountains, Purple Martins 100% rely on humans to provide nesting habitat. Learn more about Purple Martins and why they need our help at

This stream made possible thanks to a grant from the Tom Ridge Environmental Center Founation


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