Voices for Peace and Conservation Podcast: Episode 7 – Present to Future on Environment and Peace


If we really want to make a difference, where should we be putting our energy, time and money to protect nature and build peace?

In the final episode of “Voices for Peace and Conservation”, we’re bringing together voices from the field and global policy level. Together with Hassan Mowlid Yassin from the youth-led Somali Green Peace Association, Anna Akerlund and Ulrika Akesson from SIDA, we explore how we could better combine efforts to protect nature and build peace.

Throughout the series, we have seen how the destruction of nature is damaging our health, politics and the very fabric of our societies. However, we’ve also heard from our guests about the concrete ways in which our efforts as conservationists, environmentalists and peacebuilders could reinforce each other – from the very local to global policy level.

We hope we’ve inspired you to make these links from within your own area of work.

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