Whales in a Changing Ocean


In Antarctica, nothing is stationary. The only constant is change. One noticeable and increasingly evident change is the recovery of the humpback whales that feed in the waters off the Antarctic Peninsula, after industrial whaling almost wiped them out. In February 2020, wildlife filmmaker Richard Sidey was invited to join a team of scientists undertaking humpback whale research in Antarctica with Conservation International. Whales in a Changing Ocean follows the team as they observe humpback whale behaviour and gather information vital to protecting the Antarctic continent into the future.

Produced by Galaxiid Creative
With thanks to the PONANT Foundation
Research Team: Olive Andrews, Ant Muyt, Will Oestreich, Leena Riekkola, Richard Sidey
Winner: Director’s Award International Ocean Film Festival 2021 (https://intloceanfilmfest.org/)


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