Field to Fork 05 – Venison Fajitas Recipe


Produced by East Central College in Union, MO in partnership with MDC, these Field to Fork videos were made for deer hunters and venison lovers. The 6-part series includes topics on how to field dress a deer, skin a deer, and several venison recipes.

Venison Fajitas with Mango, Black Bean Salsa & Cilantro Lime Sour Cream

Some recipes were slightly modified for the filming process.

Yield: 12 Fajitas

• 1 t ground cumin
• ½ t granulated garlic
• ½ t ground coriander
• 1 T Annatto paste
(south/central american spice paste)
• salt to taste
• 1 juice of lime
• 2 shoulder, thinly sliced

Saute Vegetables
• ½ green pepper, julienne
• ½ medium yellow onion, julienne

• 1 mango, sm dice
• 2 T brunoise red pepper
• 1 T brunoise red onion
• 1 jalapeno, thinly sliced
(less heat remove seeds)
• ½ c cooked black beans
• ½ juice of lime
• 1 t oregano
• 1 T extra virgin olive oil

• ½ c sour cream
• ½ juice of lime
• 1 t sugar
• 2 T cilantro

Plate Up
• ½ arugula, chiffonade
• 12 flour tortillas
• 4 oz feta or cojita cheese

Combine the salsa ingredients and let macerate for 30 min.

Combine crème ingredients and allow to sit for 30 min.

Foil wrap and bake tortilla at 300 for 20 min. Hold warm for later use.

Season thinly sliced shoulder with seasoning and lime juice and allow to marinate for up to 12 hours.
Sear in a sauté pan on high heat until nicely caramelized. Remove from heat, remove meat to the side and add peppers and onions and return to heat. Cook until translucent and soft. Hold hot covered alongside meat at low, 160-180.

Assemble tortillas meat, peppers, salsa.

Finish with arugula and garnish with sprinkle of cheese


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