Lake Sturgeon Spawning


STURGEON SPAWNING: The first evidence of endangered lake sturgeon spawning since 2015 was confirmed the weekend of April 23.
Just as 7 years ago, spawning was seen below the Mel Price Lock and Dam on the Mississippi River near West Alton, Mo. MDC began a rearing and re-introduction program in 1984 in hopes of recovering the species, which is listed as endangered in Missouri.
The fish require 20-30 years to reach reproductive age, but the efforts and the wait are paying off!
The very first spawning was confirmed in 2015, and now this year makes the second confirmation!
A special thanks to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for their cooperation and manipulation of waterflow to encourage the giant lake sturgeon to spawn. It’s one major step on the way toward these amazing fish becoming self-sustaining once again.
Video courtesy of Ryan Swearingin, USACE.


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