PMCA 2022 Nestcam: Take 2


Watch as an adult Purple Martin female (Skylar) and her mate Joffrey try to successfully raise nestlings at the Purple Martin Conservation Association HQ in Erie, PA, USA. *UPDATES BELOW*


*June 16: Nestcam moved to gourd H where nestbuilding activity of another pair is taking place.
*June 12: Skylar loses track of some of the eggs under the loose nesting material. After a very restless few hours she stops incubating and remains off the eggs until leaving on the early morning hours.
*June 11: Skylar’s insistence on keeping the eggs sitting on bare plastic proves costly as one is broken from normal parental activity in the nest
*June 9: no more eggs, looks like we can expect hatch on/around June 23
*June 8: Sixth egg laid
*June 7: Fifth egg laid
*June 6: Fourth egg laid
*June 5: Third egg laid
*June 4: Second egg laid
*June 4: Camera goes live in Gourd L
*June 3: First egg laid

Facts about Purple Martins:
–Purple Martins only nest in human provided housing east of the Rocky Mountains, due to habitat loss and pressure from invasive species.
–The male is all dark feathered, while the female has gray on her throat and belly.
–The nest is located in Erie, Pennsylvania, USA
–The nest is in an artificial gourd hanging from an aluminum gourd rack ( )
–If the parents are climbing on top of the young it’s to keep them warm
–Check out our FAQ for more answers:

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