Learning About The Mohala Nā Konohiki Apprentice Program with Kēhau Springer


Conservation International Hawaii’s Coastal Community Capacity Development Advisor, Kēhau Springer, shares how the Mohala Nā Konohiki program has brought together apprentices over the past 5+ years to continue to pass on generational knowledge of understanding our nearshore environment and re-connecting to Kanaloanuiākea.

The Kanaloanuiākea series focuses on the expansive domain of all manifestations of Kanaloa, and the ways that we, ocean resource users and stewards, can contribute to its health and abundance.

Filmed by Cody Welsh with support from the Harold K.L. Castle Foundation.

For more information on Conservation International Hawaii’s Mohala Nā Konohiki program, visit: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/d33202f1516346f8beb6d6efa50e9ba5


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