Wild Webcast – Secrets of Snakes: Research Revealed about Copperheads


2022-08-17 — Snake Researcher Benjamin Jellen, PhD, will reveal the secret life of one of Missouri’s most commonly encountered yet misunderstood venomous snakes — the copperhead. Copperheads conjure up curiosity, mystery, and even fear. They are one of Missouri’s most intriguing and often least understood venomous snakes. How far do these snakes move? Where do they go? What type of habitat do they prefer? How cold do they get over the winter? What do baby copperheads do? What is the greatest danger a copperhead faces in the wild?

Dr. Jellen has been conducting a research study of copperheads at the MDC Powder Valley Nature Center in Kirkwood for the past several years to help answer these questions. He and his research team have used radio telemetry technology to track movements of copperheads on nature center grounds and the surrounding area.


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