Deep Thoughts With Trumpet the Wolf


Everyone could use some peace of mind right now and meditation is helping many stay calm and grounded in these times of uncertainty. But have you considered meditating with wolves? There’s something so calming about watching the wolves. Take Mexican gray wolf Trumpet featured in this video. Beyond being ecologically important as a critical keystone species, Trumpet has a soothing presence. Her eyes hold great wisdom and compassion, qualities that are invaluable in the wolf and human worlds.

Trumpet represents the Wolf Conservation Center’s participation in the active effort to to save her species from extinction.

The Mexican gray wolf or “lobo” is the most genetically distinct lineage of wolves in the Western Hemisphere, and one of the most endangered mammals in North America. By the mid-1980s, hunting, trapping, and poisoning caused the extinction of lobos in the wild, with only a handful remaining in captivity. In 1998 the wolves were reintroduced into the wild as part of a federal reintroduction program under the Endangered Species Act.

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