Unveiling the Fiji Domestic Tuna Industry: Economy, Community, and Sustainability


Dive deep into the heart of Fiji’s domestic tuna industry in this captivating video that explores its vital role in supporting the local economy, communities, and fostering sustainability. As a leader in the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification, Fiji sets an example in sustainable fishing practices. The video featuring interviews with key stakeholders such as fishermen, industry representatives, and government officials, presents the numerous benefits of the Fiji Tuna Industry.

The video story unveils how this crucial resource not only contributes to Fiji’s economic well-being but also profoundly impacts the lives of those who rely on it. We also quickly take you through the process, from catching the tuna to its final journey to your plate, emphasizing the measures put in place to ensure sustainable practices. Moreover, the video underscores the critical importance of collaboration among all stakeholders, reinforcing their commitment to work together towards a thriving and sustainable tuna industry.

This comprehensive overview is the ultimate introduction to Fiji’s domestic tuna industry, offering a fascinating glimpse into a world that is often overlooked, yet is critical to the lives of countless individuals, its economy, and the global movement towards sustainable fishing practices.


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