Wild Webcast – Invasive Plant and Animal Species (2023.03.22)


Wild Webcast – Invasive Plant and Animal Species (2023.03.22)

Invasive species are aggressive, non-native plants and animals that reproduce and spread rapidly and can cause harm to the environment, economy, and/or human health. Invasive species are usually intentionally or unintentionally brought to new locations that are very far from their native lands. The new species then have few if any natural predators or controls to keep them from quickly taking over a landscape.

Some invasive species particularly problematic in Missouri are: callery pear trees, zebra mussels, sericea lespedeza, invasive carp, garlic mustard, emerald ash borers, Japanese stilt grass, hydrilla, bush honeysuckle, and feral hogs.

MDC Invasive Species Ecologist Angela Sokolowski will share her expertise during the webcast in what individuals, communities, and organizations can do to identify invasive species, control their spread, and even eliminate them is some situations.


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