Art Restoration Fail – Epilogue


This epilogue video has been made public thanks to my Patreon subscribers who not only enjoy ad and sponsor free videos a day early, but the ability to ask questions and have them answered in epilogue videos. It’s one of the really cool things that’s come about from making these videos and I’ve learned a ton from answering questions and having to audit my own thinking. Fascinating dialogues and conversations have broken out amongst them and it’s pretty amazing to watch!

00:56 – Did the owner know just how bad the old work was?
03:09 – Would x-ray or infrared imaging been useful to see through the overpaint to the original paint layer?
05:20 – Did the paintings not have a varnish layer, and isolation layer or anything separating the original work from the new work?
07:05 – What was the discoloration on the reverse of the painting around the face?
08:12 – Why couldn’t an eraser have been used to remove the adhesive?
10:08 – Talk about solvent exposure and how it’s not great for you.
11:21 – What would you have done if you couldn’t remove the signature form the back of the canvas?
13:05 – Talk about the decision to blur out the name of the previous conservator.
14:24 – Two questions: did the owner have to pay for the old work? And, did you reach out to the previous practitioner?
17:07 – On to the front: how did it get like that, how did I know it could be fixed and a few musings on challenges and creativity.
19:48 – WHY no x-ray and what was it like revealing the painting from under all that overpaint?
21:32 – Have you ever found a piece so damaged that recreating parts of the image were necessary?
23:16 – Talk about that twist at the end with a second portrait.
24:01 – Any advice on how to find a good conservator so to avoid disasters?
26:46 – Bye!!

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