Communities and Conservation: A Detailed History and Path Forward


On Thursday, October 19, 2023, the Wolf Conservation Center hosted Dr. Aby Sène-Harper for an informative discussion about the importance of community involvement in wildlife conservation. Dr. Sène-Harper detailed the history of conservation research and emphasized the need to work with oppressed communities to create a more inclusive approach to conservation planning.

Dr. Aby Sène-Harper is a faculty member in Parks and Conservation Area Management at Clemson University, South Carolina. Dr. Sène-Harper is a trained interdisciplinary environmental social scientist committed to advancing socially and ecologically just approaches to managing public lands, natural resources, and cultural heritage in both the US and Africa. Her research delves into the intersections of parks and protected area governance, livelihoods, nature-based tourism, and the relationship between Race and nature. For over a decade, Dr. Sène-Harper has collaborated closely with government agencies in the US and Africa, contributing to the formulation of integrated management plans for vital conservation areas of global significance, addressing the critical nexus of biodiversity and socio-economic development. With her extensive writings on the colonial structures of power in conservation, Dr. Sène-Harper has shed light on essential issues that demand our attention and action.

The Wolf Conservation Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit environmental education organization committed to conserving wolf populations in North America through science-based education programming and participation in the federal Saving Animals From Extinction (SAFE) Programs for the critically endangered Mexican gray wolf and red wolf. The WCC’s mission is to advance the survival of wolves by inspiring a global community through education, advocacy, research, and recovery.

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