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Samoa to Manage 100% and Protect 30% of Ocean

The Samoa Ocean Strategy (SOS) a plan that will manage Samoa’s entire ocean area, which comprises 98% of their domain, to protect important ecological habitats, marine wildlife, and cultural heritage, while safeguarding important sources of food, income and economic growth…

WCN Virtual Fall Expo 2020: Cheetah Conservation Fund

Dr. Laurie Marker and Annetjie Siyaya of Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) share how they are protecting cheetahs and how CCF is rapidly responding to the growing illegal pet trade. #WCNExpo

WCN Virtual Fall Expo 2020: Yellowstone National Park (Grey Wolves)

Dr. Doug Smith, Senior Wildlife Biologist in Yellowstone National Park, tells how grey wolves were reintroduced into the park and how wildlife and biodiversity rebounded.

An Exciting Channel Update

Hey Folks, I've received your comments, DM's, emails and even phone calls and I'm excited to announce the launch of my Patreon today. Nothing is going to change about the YouTube experience; you'll still get the same awesome videos with…

The Most Critical Action

Nature and science must be a top priority when people choose their leaders, implores a new short film released today by Conservation International and voiced by the actor and conservationist Harrison Ford. The necessary foundation of our lives is a…

Black Bear Population in Missouri (2020)

MDC Furbearer Biologist Laura Conlee discusses how the black bear population in Missouri is estimated both now and into the future. Public comments for a proposed black bear hunting season in Missouri starting no sooner than the fall of 2021…

Fish Shocking in Missouri

Fisheries management biologists spent several days assessing the smallmouth bass and goggle-eye populations in some Ozark streams in southeast Missouri. The electrofishing process allows biologists to quickly collect the fish, gather information, and later release the fish unharmed. Video courtesy…

Photobombed by a Kissy Wolf

Nikai isn't the first little brother to photobomb a sibling, but to interrupt Zephyr's selfie with kisses? How embarrassing! Zephyr and Nikai are captive-born gray wolves at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC), a 501c3 non-profit organization, in South Salem, NY.…

WCN Virtual Fall Expo 2020: MarAlliance

Dr. Rachel Graham shares how MarAlliance promotes impactful and inclusive grassroots science and conservation of marine wildlife, including sharks, rays, and threatened finfish. #WCNExpo

WCN Virtual Fall Expo 2020: Okapi Conservation Project

For over 30 years, the Okapi Conservation Project has never faltered in its ability to protect the elusive okapi in an area ripe with political strife and uncertainty. John Lukas, Berce N'safuansa, and Jean Paul M'monga Kiete share updates from…
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