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Lançamento da Calculadora de Impactos do Garimpo

A calculadora é uma ferramenta de valoração econômica que visa trazer robustez e agilidade para aos cálculos dos custos socioambientais, apoiando órgãos como o MPF, Polícia Federal e IBAMA no combate dessa atividade ilegal. A calculadora está disponível:

Protecting the Endangered Dolphins of the Amazon

🐬 New Campaign Announcement! 🐬 Sea Shepherd is launching a new conservation research campaign in Brazil to protect the dolphins of the Amazon River. Read the full story here:

★15 Legend of Seeker [HARDEST] GROOVE CLEAR

LETS GOOOOO -- Watch live at

Wood That It Were So Simple Part 7

Every once in a while a project arrives that upon first glance appears straight forward and simple but as more time is spent understanding the nuances of the work involved, well, things get interesting. And such is the case with…


Watch as a five year old Purple Martin female X271 (Jolene!) and her mate try to successfully raise nestlings at the Purple Martin Conservation Association HQ in Erie, PA, USA. *UPDATES BELOW* *June 3: Camera goes live in Gourd L…

Voices for Peace and Conservation Podcast: Episode 1 – Poachers to...

Episode #1 - Poachers to Peace Advocates Guest Josephine Ekiru - Peace Coordinator, Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) How does the environment matter to peace? And how does peace matter to the environment? Explore the story of Josephine Ekiru, a Woman’s…

Nature’s Calling – Bear Aware / Bear Hunting (June 2021)

BEARS IN MISSOURI -- Get valuable tips and info about black bears in Missouri and the upcoming hunting season in this month's segment of Nature's Calling.

Wild Recipes – Lemon-Blackberry Custard Cakes

LEMON-BLACKBERRY CUSTARD CAKES -- 1 pint blackberries 3 Tbsp. butter, melted 3 lemons, juiced (about ½ cup) 3 large eggs, separated ¼ tsp. lemon zest 6 Tbsp. flour 1 cup + 3 Tbsp. sugar 1 cup milk Place half of…
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